Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A chiltepin.... martini?

The borderlands have a rich cultural heritage and cuisine that reflects the myriad of influences that its inhabitants bring with it. Yet it often carries an (undeserved) reputation of a dusty backwater. Those that live here know that the borderlands are teeming with artists, writers, chefs, who create bi-lingual works that reflects the unique cultural dynamic that exists here. They do so without pretense or putting on airs. In another salvo against this image, we present to you a spicy, borderlands interpretation of the quintessential sophisticated cocktail – a Chiltepin Martini.

Chiltepin martini

2 oz ~2 shots vodka (James Bond would disapprove, but vodka lets the chiltepin talk)

3 pitted green olives

tablespoon of pickled green chiltepin

crushed dried chiltepin

splash of dry vermouth


cocktail shaker

Take your martini glass (doesn’t have to be a fancy stemmed one - an old-fashioned glass or rocks glass works too) and put some ice and water in it to chill the glass. Meanwhile, make a few chiltepin stuffed olives and spear them with a toothpick. Set it aside for a moment. Pour the vodka into the shaker, along with as many pickled chiltepins as you like, getting a bit of the brine in there. Muddle the chiltepins into the vodka with the handle of a wooden spoon. Add ice to the shaker, a splash of vermouth, then shake the hell out of the thing. Discard the ice water in your now cool martini vessel. Strain your chiltepin martini into your glass, garnish with your chiltepin stuffed olives and crush a few flakes of dried chiltepin on top.

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Gloria said...

Hi, I found your blog by accident and see that you haven't posted since last year? This is a great blog and I love the idea of somebody having a blog that's all about chili. Thanks for sharing.