Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chiltepin for sale


I happened to procure a small stash of chiltepin - the wild chile from NW Mexico or the "mother of all chiles" - on my way back to the USA. During various points of our travel, a number of folks have expressed interest in purchasing some chiltepin. So for those of you interested, I have about 60 bottles of chiltepin, packaged by Don Tepin. Don Tepin is a small business in Baviacora, Sonora. Its actually the hobby of a couple brothers and their neighbor. They purchase ripe, wild harvested chiltepin, the best of which get rinsed, washed, dried and packaged into these bottles.

You can buy a bottle of chiltepin (51 grams of dried chile) for $10 plus S/H. If you purchase more than one, I can combine the S/H charges.

To purchase, send me an email at kraigkraft [at] gmail [dot] com. I have a paypal account with the same email address as well.


Stitchin' Bitches said...

Years ago our family got a recipe for hot sauce using the tepin chilis. They were extremely hard to find 30 years ago, but now I am always amazed to see them in my local grocery store hanging with all the other spices usually reserved for Mexican dishes. We always crushed them inside a plastic bag for the sauce, but man oh man is it delicious! Nice to see these chilis available online for those who may not have them locally available.

Cuauhtemoc said...

I was lucky enough to come by your post and got interested in it.

I would like to take your word and speak with you about the numbers.
I live in Sonora.
My e-mail address:

Anonymous said...

Hi, Your blog is great. I was thinking of buying some chiltepines seeds from Nativeseeds but I don't know much about the plant or the fruit. Can you tell me a bit about it? I will be living around Guadalajara, Mexico so I am wondering if it will grow well there. Thanks a lot!

Kraig said...

David -

The plant should grow just fine around Guadalajara - especially if you keep it as a garden or house plant.

You should try to germinate ~20 seeds in a wet paper towel. Plant the seedling in soil that is really well draining. Don't put it in direct sun, especially when it is young.
Best of luck

Gloria said...

I just found your blog and I love chilis, so I will definitely follow your blog so that I can read more about the ever favorite chili.

Chef Jay said...

Tepin Chilis are to die for. It's really great for my canning salsa recipes. It makes my dish more delicious. It's great that it can be available online.

Gloria said...

I sure would like to be able to order some of this chili. Is it still available?

RubeRad said...


I came across this searching for Chiltepin; my in-laws were on a tour of Mexico and brought us back a delicious salsa from Sonora: La India Brava, Salsa de Chiltepin.

Have you ever run across this, do you know where it can be bought in the states?

Kraig said...

Hi Rube Rad.

It is a great hot sauce - I'm not sure how to get it in the states yet. If you have any friends in AZ, perhaps they can find some in a local store?

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

Because of the USDA warnings about canning salsa (acidity issues) I was wondering if you had a safe salsa recipe with Tepins I could have. Please email me jackiehickman at eastex dot net.
Thank you.