Friday, September 29, 2006

The object of pursuit

This is what the "quest" is all about. These red berries belong to the wild chile pepper, the chitepin. It is thought that these small berries are the progenitor of domesticated chile peppers - anchos, poblanos, serranos, jalapeños, New Mexican green and red, bell peppers. My Ph.D. research seeks to look at both the genetic changes that occur in the shift from wild to domestic AND to understand how farmers' practices shape and foment these changes.

I am beginning to look at this first question but there are little examples of wild chile peppers that are available to use for research purposes. So that leaves me to go and collect my own...

The following weeks are going to chronicle our pursuit of these chile peppers as we go and seek them in the wild and some of the stories and events that happen along the way.


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