Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lingering images of Sonora

We've moved on from the state of Sonora - but the incredible landscapes and the warm people that we met during our time there over the last two weeks have left a lasting impression. Here's a few of our favorite pix that weren't included in previous posts.

...Cara-cara bird (in the raptor family) sitting atop an elhecho cactus early in the morning

daughter of a chiltepin farmer (the irony here is that chiltepin are nearly imppossible to cultivate in any kind of density) - rolling out the day's flour tortillas with a beer bottle. This is just about the southern limit to finding flour tortillas made at home in any sort of significant quantity. Corn rules outside of Sonora and the other border states.

the feet and sandals (made from tires) of Luis Reynaldo, a Guarijillo anciano who served as our a chiltepin plant-finding guide for part of a day

Alejandro selling green chiltepin at the toll booth

One of the bays in San Carlos - we wanted to see what happens when the desert meets the sea

"Los pillares" - a rock formation 2 hrs north of Alamos

A wildlife sighting - this taratunla was so big it left tracks in the dirt

An iron cross in the Alamos cemetary from early 1700s

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hikoyedaj said...

the most amazing thing is the bilingual ability to travel as you are. i'm in awe, and wish i had the skill. it certainly establishes a more trusting rapport with the people and brings you closer to the chiles. however, you can have the scorpions and tarantulas. no mas...